Celebrating Just The Two of You

Luxury photography for adventurous couples in and around the Mobile area.




Life getting in the way of your relationship?

As a busy wife, I get it. You still love them, but you can’t seem to find as much time for them as you did when you were dating. Let me photograph just the two of you so you can slow down, reconnect and remember every precious moment.

  • Not sure he will be interested?
  • Worried about what to wear or if you’ll look awkward?
  • Not sure what portraits would look good hanging on your walls?


I was nervous because we had never had professional portraits taken before. But Tabitha made us feel so confident and comfortable, and we had such a fun experience.


It took a while to convince myself we could have a session just because we wanted it, and it didn't have to be for a big life event like an engagement or baby announcement. Those portraits are some of our favorites. I love how natural and playful they turned out.


During the consultation, I shared an idea for an album, but I wasn't sure if it was possible. Tabitha not only brought it to life but exceeded my expectations. The pictures flowed together so well that I am showing it to everyone who will stop and look!



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No Need To Be Scared of The Process



Our initial phone call is our chance to get to know each other, answer your questions, and see if we are a good fit.



It's all about you and your partner! I'm just the guide who helps coax out your real personality through poses, prompts, and bad jokes.



Together we go through your portraits, selecting your favorites and deciding how they would look best framed and on your walls.

Start the Process

Focus on them...

Too many couples get disconnected in their relationships. As a wife, I get it, life is busy, and sometimes you don't even notice it.

This is why I use a boutique photography experience to serve you at a higher level.

So that you can be present with your partner while I document and create artwork to hang in your home as a reminder of that connection between the two of you!

Let's Start Planning

I am a boutique photographer passionate about photographing couples at every stage of their relationship. As a wife, I understand that finding your life partner is a big deal. But after a while, your focus can shift to work, kids, and life in general, and before you know it, you get disconnected.

That is why I love photographing just the two of you! Your kids, pets, and extended family are precious, and those relationships should also be celebrated. But too many people overlook the one person who will always be there for you, your life partner.

What better way to celebrate than to capture and frame your love story in a way that lets you hold on to it for generations?

When a past client asked me how to print the portraits from her session, I realized everyone intends to print their portraits, but that doesn't mean they know where to start.

Now I love serving my clients at a higher level, holding their hands through the boutique process, from getting to know you, deciding on wardrobes and locations, and even helping you pick out the perfect place in your home to hang your new artwork.

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